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Here at JBS, we love trying new things and helping our customers achieve their ideal book. Take a look at some of our work and read about the kinds of books we do! We also have descriptions, photos, and even digital templates to assist in sizing different kinds of cover art files.

Our Specialties

Photo Books are full-color, large format presentation books usually focused on a single subject or body of artistic work. Often called coffee table books, these are meant to be displayed and enjoyed as objects themselves along with the content. At Jaffe Books Solutions, we offer the ability to print and bind books up to 12-inches square, with a complete image-wrap cover and premium paper choices. Since each book is bound by hand, our attention to detail means that your book will end up looking as good as the things inside it.

Picture Books combine illustrations and text into stories for children (and sometimes the young-at-heart as well). Famous examples include classics such as Curious George, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Cat in the Hat. At Jaffe Book Solutions, we make tens-of-thousands of picture books a week -- so it’s something we know a lot about. From smaller pocket-sized books read under the covers at night to large books for sharing and reading aloud, we are your source for quality picture books.

Chapter Books and novels are books that are primarily text-driven, though a few illustrations or photos are often included. Such books can be fiction or non-fiction, and include everything from imaginative tales for intermediate readers to biographies and historical studies for adults. As these are usually larger books in terms of page-count, Jaffe Book Solutions offers a durable double-fan adhesive binding that will help your book to be enjoyed over and over again for years to come.

Perfect Binding
Used for binding paperback books, this binding method glues cut pages directly to the book cover spine.
Paperback Guide
Saddle Stitch Binding
A binding style where the interior pages are folded down the center of the pages and stapled or stitched together.
Hardcover Binding
At Jaffe Book Solutions a hardcover binding merely refers to wanting a hardcover. Once we have the interior of the book printed the bindery will decide whether to sew or glue it together based on the width of the spine.
Hardcover Guide
Cover Finishes
We offer matte and gloss lamination as cover finishes. Each has unique features that can bring a distinctive look to your book and we are happy to help you choose the best option for your specific project!
Dust Jacket
For hardbound books we also offer the opportunity of adding a dust jacket to your book. This is a cover made of thicker paper that we can apply after the book is bound.
Dust Jacket Guide
Printed Endsheets
Another premium option we offer for hardbound books are printed endsheets. Now you can customize your book from beginning to end!